Peculiar Park Place RV Park


Important Rules and Cancellation Policy

*Registration- Check in time is 1 - 6pm, and check out time is by 11am, all guests will receive a copy of these rules Upon registration.  Checkin form                                must be signed upon check in and a copy of a valid driver's License or ID will be needed.  Early check in or late check out, please notify                               office.  Additional fees may apply.

*Rental- All rents by day, week or 28-day period must be paid in advance or on the due date.  For those chronically late, the daily rate per day will be                       imposed until the rent is paid in full.

*WiFi- Available for personal use only for phones and computers.  No TV hookup or business use.

*Electrical- Electricity is included in the rate, large campers will be charged additional.

*Heat- Must heat the campers with propane.  No Electric heaters allowed.

*Pets- Pets are not allowed outside on ropes, chains, in cages or pens at your site.  Must clean up after your Pets and dispose the poop bags                               immediately.  Keep on leash while walking your dog in the park.  if you leave your pet in camper, be sure to notify office and leave a number where             you can be reached in case of power outage or another emergency.  We allow no more than two pets per site.

*Campsite- Only campers with fast dissolving, clog resistant, biodegradable/septic tank safe RV toilet paper will be allowed. Keep campsite clean, no                            trash or personal items outside the camper or on the grass, no parking on the grass.

*Mail- No personal mail delivery to property.  Packages, Amazon, UPS, Fed-EX, etc... can be sent to the office.

*Laundry- Washers and dryers available, 24/7.  Please clean after use.

*Propane- Available for all RV's.  Leave out your empty tanks on your patio at your site by 8am 7 days a week.  We pick up and return to gravel when                        complete.  Propane payments need to be paid same day.

*Bathroom- Please use your own bathroom in your rig normally.  We only have single bath/shower rooms and they are only for those who have issues or                       emergencies, or other inconveniences.

*Speed Limit- 10 MPH, please observe our speed limit to ensure the safety of our guests.

*Trash and Garbage- Must be tied in plastic bags.  Dumpsters are located at the East side of the office.

*Quite Time- 10pm to 8am.  No excessive noise or public disturbance,  Loud or offensive noises, rowdyism, or ill-mannered conduct will no be tolerated                           at any time.

*Clothesline- Are not permitted.

*Responsibility- You are responsible for damage caused by yourself and/or members of your camping party.

*Liability- Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we do not give refunds due to whims or mother nature.  you are responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause.


Reservation/Cancellation/Refund Policy


We will take or send you a link for your Credit card information at the time of Reservation.  Your card will be charged.

Stay of;

Less than 7 days--A reservation deposit of 1 full day will be charged.

7 days to less than 28 days--A reservation deposit equal to half the total stay will be charged.

Extended stay (28 days and longer)--A reservation deposit of $300.00 will be charged.

On the day of checkin you will have the option to pay cash, Check or credit card(Surcharge/convenience fee applies for credit cards)



If your stay is less than 28 days---

Greater than 7 days notice of check in date will incur a $20.00 cancellation fee.

7 days to greater than 2 days notice of check in date will incur half of the total reservation stay.

Less than 48 hours notice of check in date will incur the full amount of your reservation stay.


If your stay is 28 days or greater---

Greater than 28 days notice of check in date will incur a $50.00 cancellation fee.

Greater than 7 but less than 28 days notice of check in date will incur half of the first 28 days reservation stay.

7 days and less notice of check in date will incur the full first 28 days reservation stay amount.


Change of date--- Change of arrival date is allowed only once per reservation, and a $10.00 changing fee will incur.

Violation of any rules & Policy--Is grounds for ejection from the park without refund.

Management reserves the right to refuse service, limit the length of stay and the number of persons or vehicles per site and / or evict any person or party without refund.  Park staff members are not allowed to work on guests' RV's.